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This site will help you learn almost anything using software which is already on your computer.  (To learn mathematics you will need special software like www.math-movies.com). 

Excell-At developed because I wanted to learn to recognise bird songs and I wanted to only be presented with a few selected songs in any one learning session.

I developed Which-Word because I am learning German and needed to create missing-word exercises which reflected my ignorance. For example, in a given piece of text do I use die, der, das or den for the word "the"?

It is obvious why I worked out how to use Sound Recorder to record items which are longer than one minute.


With Excell-At you can learn anything that can be put into a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet cells can contain hyperlinks which lead to sound files or pictures, so Excell-At can be used to learn foreign vocabulary, bird songs, bird identification from pictures etc.  The sound files or pictures can be on your computer or on the World Wide Web.


Which-Word is a plan for creating multiple missing-word exercises from a piece of text.  In learning-mode a student will toggle between revealing and concealing a word.  In testing mode the student will type in the missing words. Microsoft Word will compare this with a master document and show any errors.


Odds-And-Ends contains useful hints, tips and links. For example I tell you how to get round the 1 minute recording limit in Sound Recorder, and how to create a recipe book.



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