Excel and MS Word as Learning Aids NK

Detailed procedures

1. mm.doc   The master document.

Create the document

Save with any file name e.g mm.doc

Check it carefully, and if possible get a couple of other people to check this document.

(It is almost impossible for anyone to properly check his or her own work)


2. mm 01 A . Cloze words in Bold.  Table

Open mm.doc

Save As mm 01 A.doc, (or mm 02 A.doc, mm 03 A.doc etc)

Decide which words you want to cloze.

Bold all the cloze words

  • Double click to select the first word

  • Ctrl + B, or click on the Bold icon  to change that word to Bold.

  • Double click on the Format Painter icon

  • Click on all the words you want to cloze

  • Press Esc key

  • Create table and move the cloze words to the table (optional)

  •  Use the Table icon  to create a table large enough for all the cloze words

  • Centre all the columns by moving the mouse over the top of the first cell until it changes to a small downward pointing arrow, drag to select all columns, and click on the Centre button

  • Double click on on the first bold word.

  • Copy (Ctrl + C)

  • Click in a random empty cell in the table

  • Paste (Ctrl + V)

  • Repeat for the rest of the words which are in bold.

Save mm 01 A.doc


3. mm 01 B Cloze words replaced by highlights (submaster)

Open mm 01 A.doc

Save As mm01B.doc

Make sure that that the Font colour tool  and and the highlight tool   both show the same colour.

For each bold cloze word:-

  • Double click to select
  • Click on the Font colour tool
  • Click on the highlight tool   

Save mm 01 B.doc


4. mm 01 C Cloze words replaced by __________ - (submaster)

Open mm 01 A.doc

Save As mm 01 C.doc

Replace all bold cloze words with underlines.

  • Double click on the first bold word to select it.

  • Type several underlines.  If you intend using this document to print worksheets then make sure that the line is long enough to contain the longest cloze word. Otherwise 4 or 5 underlines should be sufficient.

  • Double click on the underlined word to select it

  • Ctrl + C to copy it

  • For each other bold cloze word

  • Double click to select it

  • Ctrl + V to paste the underlines

Save mm 01 C.doc



Students will not work directly with Files A, B and C but will always work with a copy of one or more of these files.


When a student wants to learn without writing the answers, file B will be copied to give file D. 

The student will change the font colour tool to either black or automatic. 

He will then think about what should go in each highlighted space. 

To check if he is correct he selects the highlight and changes the font to automatic. 

If the student gets the answer incorrect he may wish to hide the answer.  This is simply done by changing the font colour to match the highlight colour.

If the student closes file D without saving changes the file can be reused.

If the student wishes to keep the result, he should save as file E


A student can also fill in the blanks and get the computer to compare his effort with the master file.

This student will change one file and MS Word will change the other file, so we start by copying files.

File A is copied to give F.  This will be be the master file used by the comparison operation.

File C will be copied to give G.

The student will work with G, and after checking, can either save it as H, or close it without saving changes so that it can be re-used.

The actual checking is done by opening F, and then using Tools | Track changes | Compare documents | mm 01 G.doc.

The errors will appear in pink.


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