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Making long recordings with Sound Recorder

Creating a Recipe Book (Finding the unorganised)

Making Notes

Making Long Recordings with Sound Recorder

By default Sound Recorder will only record for one minute at a time.

However if you open a longer .wav file, Sound Recorder will happily overwrite the whole file.  You can create long files by inserting one file into another (Edit > Insert File).  When you have created a long file, use Save As to make a couple of copies of it. 

You make a long recording by opening a long empty file and immediately using Save As to make a copy which you will overwrite.  Sooner or later you will accidentally use Save rather than Save As, and that is the moment when you will be grateful that you have a backup of your empty file.


Creating a Recipe Book

You might believe ready-meals have made cooking an outdated activity, but this Recipe Book can also be used to organise diverse educational resources.

  • Create a Recipe-Book folder
  • Store each recipe as a separate file in this folder
  • Create a Contents document with hyperlinks to the individual files and with key words to describe each recipe
  • Use Find and Find Next with one of your key-words to search through the Contents document

I could not decide if I wanted my Contents to contain the hyperlink before the key-words or after the key-words.  I solve that problem by having the hyperlinks in both places.  Part of a recipe book contents file could look like this:

Hyperlink to cucumber-soup.doc
cucumber soup cold-soup kosher vegetarian dairy
From Betty
Served to Patterson Jones (July 2004); Rotarians (Sept 2004)
Hyperlink to cucumber-soup.doc

With MS Word's Find, you can only search for one word at a time, so always search for the least common of the key-words.

Making Notes

Tables and coloured fonts help organise notes you make while studying.

ShakespeareHigh.com gives an example where each act of a play is summarised in the left column of a table.  The student is advised to read each each act several times, each time concentrating on different aspects of the text, and the notes made during each reading are in a different font/colour.

When you are using fonts and highlights to classify your notes remember to include a key to remind yourself of the significance of each font.




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